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confession #000019

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

confession #000019

... or, retail therapy is the only cure

oh, yes.  those of you who know me well, know very well that i have two main fixations: dieting (hence this blog) and fashion (hence the ever-expanding wardrobe).  

whenever i start a diet, i always tell myself that i won't buy any clothes until i go down a size or a few inches. to be quite honest, i say the same thing every time i look in the wardrobe(s) and notice just how many things i have which i haven't worn in a while.  but, i guess, just like every other addiction known to man, it's hard to wean oneself off ... especially after over 15 years of sheer indulgence.  

and still, i keep buying like there's no tomorrow.  and somehow or other, i very, very rarely feel any guilt about it whatsoever.  

this last week or so - since i've been somewhat unwell thereby limiting my venturing out in the snow - i've found my consolation in online stores, as i always do after all.  first off, i started with the fancy which is my go-to place for style inspiration as well as innovative gadgets (the geeky type, mind you!).  being a fancy box subscriber, over the last months i had accumulated a few fancy gift cards which the people at the fancy were so kind to send over.  i was somewhat wary these would expire so i finally got myself a floppy wool fedora which i had been eyeing for quite some time.  i can't wait for it to be delivered! 

floppy wool fedora from the fancy

next thing i went to was a t-shirt from nightcall's collection of rik lee illustrated tee's.  at the moment, i'm getting back in touch with my more casual / street style self so i'm constantly on the lookout for quirky bits and pieces which speak to my little hipster self.  i've been following rik lee on instagram for quite some time and i couldn't pass by an opportunity to wear his art.  if i ever pluck up the courage to get myself inked, this guy stands a good chance of receiving a call from me asking him to design a tatt for me.  

women's wolfy crew neck from nightcall

next thing, i surfed over to pull&bear's online store.  the perks of living abroad are many, and among them is the 'order online, collect in shop' advantage.  i'm always chasing against time and at the moment, the idea of trying clothes in store gives me nightmares with all the layers i'd be wearing.  moreover, the 'order online, collect in shop' system gives you the possibility of knowing before hand whether the item you're after is actually available in your desired size (most times it is).  anyway, i've always associated pull&bear with the kind of hipster / relaxed street wear i like so i knew i couldn't go wrong and ordered myself some gorgeous monochrome pants and a cosy aztec knit.  while in store collecting my items today, i bought myself a roy liechtenstein inspired tee and some wedged trainers.  i never thought  a day would come when i would actually buy a  wedge but it did - let's face it, they're not that fugly and they're super comfy for running around on errands.  plus, they are to be considered 'a little extra gift' from my valentine so i shall cherish them forever (or at least until they go out of fashion ...)

Pull & Bear Jacquard Jacket
all the lovely stuff from pull&bear

i've also recently come to the realisation that topshop also have an online store and they ship worldwide.  oh the joy! i remember buying from topshop on a regular basis when they had a little shop on tower road in sliema.  ever since they relocated (twice), i somehow haven't felt comfortable shopping there, with the current store actually intimidating me! so the fact that i can shop in my pj's at any time of day or night came as a very welcome surprise.  once again i went for a couple of tees (one of which was luckily on sale).  i don't know where this obsession with t-shirts is coming from.  possibly it could be because here in krakow it's warm enough inside to hang around in a t-shirt. possibly it could be their versatility: dressing them up with jeans, heels and a blazer, going down the preppy road with a skater skirt and brogues or just lounging in them and jazz pants at home.  

**Double Triangle T-shirt by Illustrated People -
Triangle Disc Ring - BLACK
Open Triangle Ring - WHITE
Tall Geek Tee - LIME
all good girls go to topshop

i think all of this shopping has done me the world of good.  the prospect of receiving my deliveries makes me feel like a child on christmas day.  and another plus is that the diet seems to be working!  i wasn't sure if the pull&bear pants would fit but they did! so, yes, i'll sleep quite happily tonight. 

and this is just because this song has been drumming in my head since i woke up this morning


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