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confession #000050

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Friday, 17 May 2013

confession #000050

... or, yet another guilty pleasure (part deux)

as i mentioned earlier last week, the eurovision song contest, and all the fanfare and paraphernalia that goes with it, is one of my guilty pleasures, which i get to enjoy on an annual basis.  last night saw the second semi-final of this year's edition ... and boy was the #eurobitching on fire! well, the night did give us a lot to comment about ... 

just like i did on wednesday, today i'm just going to summarize those moments which sent shivers down my spine, for one reason or other ... 

douze points for cool

the best dressed for me last night were by far byealex and his guitarist (i didn't like the backing vocalist's attempt at hipster-chic) and our very own gianluca and the maltese contingent (fair enough, i may be a little biassed there!)  gianluca's sister and backing vocalist dorothy looked a vision in the dress and hairstyle she was wearing! 

possibly the two songs were the ones i enjoyed most as well (again, some bias maybe?) neither were dressed in ostentatious, disco-balled outfits.  neither did any acrobatic choreographies, nor did they have any particular special effects. just simple, genuine looks and songs.  and so they shared my top spot for the night. to honour them, here's the two songs for your enjoyment:

(is it part of the yearly conspiracy theory the fact that there is no decent link of last night's performance of the maltese song on youtube?)

douze points for looks

i think all the girls and gays will agree with me that the azerbaijani singer, farid mammadov, was the eye candy par excellence for the evening.  blessed be this enigmatic far, far away land for producing such delightful visions.  other than the looks, i'm afraid the mousy velour outfit and the song didn't quite do it for me. 
could easily be cast in 'the bold and the beautiful' as yet another of ridge forrester's illicit offsprings

douze points for ridicule

where does one even start? let me try and put some sanity and order to this lot. 
why oh why israel? was that neoprene? why are the seamings so bumpy? why oh why did you do this to yourself israel? the singer could have looked so much better in a more figure flattering dress and different hairstyle.  these pictures prove just that.
macedonia: my first reaction last night was 'whoa, what just happened there?' part of me wishes to take it back, but i must admit that i was so totally taken aback by the larger than life gypsy sauntering on stage mid-way through song.  looking back, i actually love the traditional dress, but since i'm not a fan of the colour red, i guess points are deducted there ... 
finland: what happens when you cross-breed two-penny-worth pop singers? you get tack. a lot of it. topped with a fake attention-seeking girl-on-girl action to detract from the fact the song and everything about it is crap.
latvia: they opened the show with a song called 'here we go'.  after 10 seconds, i wanted them to go. forever. as far away as possible.  
georgia: after 17 songs on the first night and 14 songs on the second night, i was hoping we would be saved the melodramatic duet, complete with smoke machines and paul giordimaina-georgina choreography.  i was wrong.   
switzerland: my first, and lasting impression, is that they headed to the eurovision straight from the office.  it looked like on of those bands corporate companies put together among their accountants and auditors for a charity event.  i'm yawning just looking at the photo. 
iceland: not sure if this look was meant to be a nod to the saint laurent music project, but the suited jesus lookalike stunt just didn't work for me.  i would have much preferred the singer in a more 'nordic' outfit, or a thor costume for that matter.
romania: well, the grand finale of grand finales. i suppose one of the main selling points of romania is its vampire folklore.  the singer made damn sure to remind us of that in his vampiric lady-gaga-darth-vader get-up ... 
well, that was it i suppose.  i don't think i'll be writing anything else on the eurovision following saturday's final night, for the coming 12 months at least! unless, that is, any of the singers decide to surprise us with even wackier clothing and choreographies. the eurovision stage is the place where i guess, anything could happen.  

i hope you enjoyed these little round ups of the first and second semi-finals.  and now, i must leave you with a little patriotic plea:  if you're reading this from anywhere in europe except for malta, please spare a few cents to vote for gianluca who'll be the 9th to take the stage on saturday.  with such a light and summery tune, and such a contagious cute smile, how can you not?! 

remember to take part in the giveaway! 9 days to go! more details here

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