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confession #000046

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

confession #000046

... or, a good fashion round up

is it saturday already? i can't believe time has, once again, escaped my badly manicured grasp on it ... i have so much catching up to do - the diet has long been forgotten, malta fashion week comes to an end tonight, my mani-pedi and hair appointments are well overdue, and the first trip in what is turning out to be a true jet setter's calendar is just less than two weeks away! so much to do in so little time! 

but before i start the day with a visit to the farmers' market to stock up on some fresh fruit and veggies, in the hope of actually detoxifying my system before all this travelling (london-krakow-malta-budapest-malta-krakow in 2 1/2 weeks will be somewhat rough on my system ...), let me give you a quick round up of what i hearted most during the malta fashion week so far.  i've already written about the charles&ron show here so let me continue where i left off ... 

tuesday: jewellery through the times

from what i saw online, this was a truly astounding show! organised in collaboration with heritage malta, jewellery designs from prehistoric times were re-created and showcased during the event.  a very interesting twist to the event was the unveiling of the face of one of the first maltese women, re-created through 3d visualisations from skull remains found at the xaghra circle site in gozo.  you can read more about her, and even see her, here.  the jewellery collection itself evidenced a people who was fashion and style conscious, and if i may add, the designs of the time can look pretty well complement this summer's festival looks.  i know, i have my eyes on the shell headpiece for sure...  
jewellery through the times; photography by kurt paris
jewellery through the times; photography by jacob sammut pearl works

wednesday: new designers fashion show

i spent wednesday night on the edge of my seat waiting for photos to start popping up on facebook from this show.  and i must say, i wasn't disappointed! by far my most favourite looks were definitely sef farrugia's bled of knits, lurex and chiffons, jeff francalanza's intricately embellished corsets and ritianne zammit's baroque-meets-punk collection.  while i personally tend to prefer cleaner, more simple, yet vintage inspired lines for my personal attire, these three collections were bursting with creative juices and can easily find their way on international catwalks.  a nod certainly goes also towards creative factory 7, whose collection definitely carried an artistic flair over an above the fashion consciousness. 

sef farrugia designs; photography by dennis calleja

sef farrugia designs; photography by dennis calleja

ritianne zammit designs; photography by kurt paris

ritianne zammit designs; photography by doorizz photography
jeff francalanza designs; photography by dennis calleja

creative factory 7 designs; photography by dennis calleja

thursday: fersani fashion show

well before i saw any photos of the event, i had a hunch that this show wouldn't be my cup of green tea.  i am not a big fan of gala and evening gowns, much as i admire their elegance and sophistication. but that's just a matter of taste and style, and after all the beauty of the fashion industry.  having said that, there were two pieces which i certainly wouldn't mind owning! both had sort, full circle skirts (which i absolutely adore as they cleverly hide my wider areas) and both harkened to a late 1950s/60s fashion era with a definite contemporary edge to both.  
fersani designs; photography by carlo jourdan 
fersani designs; photography by clint serri harkins

friday: international designers show

this was yet another show were a good part of me was blown away. and i'm not saying this because, like most fellow locals, i find the grass greener and designs better, on the foreign side.  the local talent has certainly proven its worth both during this edition of the malta fashion week, as well as in the previous two.  i was blown away by (a) the designs themselves in most of the collections and (b) seeing the auberge de castille once again.  let me start with (b) first.  having worked within the office of the prime minister under the previous legislature, there were a few (albeit far in between) occasions when we could attend specific activities in the ambassadors' hall at the auberge.  for anyone who has never had the chance of venturing there, do make it a point to attend and queue up during the next notte bianca, as i'm sure it'll be open again as in previous years.  seeing images of the place set up for the show has certainly brought back fond memories.  now, onto point (a).  the collections varied in style and origin and certainly provided something for each personal fashion taste.  just as for the new designers show, i've selected those looks which i personally preferred above all in the images below. 
marella ferrera designs; photography by dennis calleja
marella ferrera designs; photography by dennis calleja
kevin muscat designs; photography by dennis calleja

house of jola designs; photography by dennis calleja
house of jola designs; photography by dennis calleja
needless to say, the more i see the collections showcased throughout this week, the more i fall in love with them, or with those pieces which i wasn't initially sure about and i find it more and more difficult to pick and choose favourites. 

before i leave you, i would like to first of all congratulate the malta fashion week and fashion awards team, headed by the great adrian j mizzi whom i had the pleasure, nay, honour of working with during the first edition of the malta fashion week.  this was yet another impeccably organised, astounding exposition of maltese and international talent in the fashion industry. secondly, my heartfelt best wishes to all those organising, hosting, taking part and especially nominated for awards during tonight's final event. much love to all xx

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