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travel tactics

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

travel tactics

If I were asked to highlight the one thing I like most about my job, I wouldn't hesitate in saying that it is the fact that periodically, I get the opportunity to travel for meetings across Europe. Even though most times, I get away from the office routine for just a few days, it is more than enough to get a whiff of a different culture, lifestyle and fashion sense in a new country. And when a place hits all the right spots, it makes it more appealing for a second visit in proper holiday mode. 

So over the years I've been in my current job, I like to think that I've mastered the art of travelling light and making the most of hand / checked luggage allowances.  Add to that the fact that I moved from Malta to Poland and back again in the last year, I figure that by now I have a few tips that I can share with you all on how to make most of your luggage space: 

  • travelling light: 
Choose a colour palette to take you through your stay.  Pastels are perfect for hot climates or relaxed weekend breaks; nautical inspired outfits work best for city breaks or business trips, as do rich jewel tones, especially in autumn / winter.  Stick to classic shapes when packing your separates:  these can be easily mixed and matched to fit your whims while abroad and if they're all in the same tones, will all work together well.  Accessories are a must to jazz up basic outfits and won't take much space, so make sure you pack a couple of silk scarves or necklaces to play around with.  Always keep a Longchamp pliage with you: if you're planning some last minute duty-free shopping, check in your hand luggage (unless there is an extra charge!) and open up your trusty Longchamp to carry all your perfumes, make-up and chocolates!

classic basics can create multiple outfits, and save on luggage space!

  • the big move: 
If you're moving to a different country, check the climate for the period of time you'll be there unless it's a permanent move and only pack clothing which is suitable and that you'll actually use.  You don't want to take up precious luggage space with stiletto heels when you'll only be running around in snow boots.  Create a capsule wardrobe from what you already own and take just that with you.  You can always add more tops or bottoms once you've settled in.  If you have luggage restrictions, or are going for a very long time, possibly permanently, ship those items you absolutely can't live without just before you travel so that they arrive within a couple of days that you would have moved into your new country. 

  • be suitcase savvy: 
With luggage, I'm afraid, function this time has to win over form. If you're investing in a new suitcase, make sure you go for the lightest one possible when empty, especially if you know you will have weight restrictions.  Why should 5 of the 15 kilos you're allowed to carry be all luggage?! Luckily there are some pretty gorgeous looking extra-light pieces around that are well worth shelling out a few extra coins for.  When choosing luggage, it is also important to consider how portable it is - that is, how well or easily you can carry it.  If you're holidaying by train, remember you have to carry the luggage from the platform into the train.  If you're flying abroad, you'll likely be carrying your hand luggage up the stairs to the plane. (As a petite girl, extra large or extra wide suitcases are a nightmare for me, and so are those without any or with just two wheels!)

  • the little extras: 

Gadgets nowadays have made our jetsetting much easier:  a Kindle can carry all your library without weighing you down; your mobile phone can double up as a game centre or music player to keep you entertained.  Apart from these, I find passport holders a great invention, as simple as they are because I can keep all my ticket stubs, boarding passes, and of course, the much needed passport and frequent flyer cards all in one place.  Oh, and while you're packing your liquids, leave some space for some saline nose spray and eye drops to keep your eyes fresh and help you breathe comfortably while en route to your destination. 

Bon voyage! 
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