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confession #000033

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

confession #000033

...or some of the things i learnt so far in life

today allow me to bring you a collection of random thoughts on things i learnt in my *mumble* thirty-three years on planet earth.  i'm sure that there are many more that i learnt, and many more which i still need to learn, but i think, for the time being, these somewhat suffice!

  • opportunities very rarely knock twice
if an opportunity arises, go for it.  don't second guess.  give it a shot.  if it doesn't work out, at least you know you've tried.  if you miss it, you'll only have yourself to blame.
  • work requires 3 p's: passion, perseverance and a good dose of (chocolate covered) peanuts
find the job you're passionate about or where at least one of your tasks is that which you love to love doing.  it won't ever be easy-going. deadlines, stress, conflicts with colleagues and the lot would make you think about quitting but keep going at it if you really love it.  where do the peanuts come in? well, you do need proteins and sugars to get through a nine hour day ... 
  • believe in yourself, have an ego but be humble
you are not a world ruler, but you can rule your little bubble.  shed people who break down your personal beliefs and security - you don't need them in your life.  be your own person, believe in your skills and talents, but don't let pride get to your head.  there are another 699,999,999,999,999 people in the world just like you. 

  • absence does make the heart grow fonder 
moving out of my parents' home and living abroad has made the world of difference in my relationship with my family and friends.  i truly look forward to seeing them whenever i visit and little differences which used to turn into arguments are easily brushed aside to leave room for the limited quality time.
  • true friends are those who can spend months or years apart but whenever they meet, it's like they were having a coffee just the day before. 
i've a handful of friends whom i meet maybe three times a year at most, but every time we do, we bring the house down ... just like some of us used to do in our sixth form years (a good seventeen years ago that is!)  wherever i go in the world, regardless of how long it takes for us to catch up, i know i'll always find a wise or comforting word from them.
the annual gathering ... 13 years of friendship and counting ...
  • you will, inevitably turn into your mother
how many times have you told yourself 'i shudder to think i'll be as finicky / nagging / strict etc etc as my mom'? forget it, you will be.  i've slowly realised i've a little obsession with housekeeping, giving un-asked-for advice, and insisting that the toothpaste is squeezed from the bottom, not from the middle.  all things i've inherited from my mom.  i often catch myself saying one of her phrases.  the bottom line is, she's taught me a lot even though i never wanted to admit it or acknowledge it. and i love her for it. 
me and my mom in krakow
  • it's not the (black) colour of your outfit that will make you look slim, it's the cut and the fit
so what if you're wearing head-to-toe black? if your clothes aren't letting you breathe and your muffin top or thunder thighs are on show, you're still not looking slimmer than you are sorry! get something that fits well and skims over the nasty bits and let the complements flow. 
  • too much make-up never suited anyone (except drag queens)
i'm known for the extensive make-up collection i have but oddly enough, if you look into my make-up bag, you'll mostly find concealers and powders.  focus on making your skin look flawless and then just add a nice red lip or a smouldering smokey eye - but not both together.  always remember the 'less is more' dictum. 
  • have a hobby, or two or three ... 
paint, read, play, travel, knit ... whatever you do, do something! 'all work and no play makes jack/jill a dull boy/girl.' not only will such hobby or interest make you grow as a person, but it will also open up another world of like-minded aficionados whom you can meet at clubs or online and make you all the more interesting for those around you.
if i'm there, there's a camera as well
  • bitterness doesn't become you
don't let yourself turn bitter about anything - a relationship's failure, work-related stress, a friend's misunderstanding ... bitterness can only lead to resentment and that can in turn only lead you to a negative place in your bubble.  evaluate everything and don't over-read situations ... just listen to your heart and move on. 

do you have any pearls of wisdom which you feel you've learnt over the years?! let me know xx

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